** As of January 1, 2012, Village Tax Rate is 1.6% **


This tax site was created to comply with HB477.
To supply taxpayers and tax professionals with all forms and information for easy filing.
Any questions related to Village of Montpelier Income Tax should be directed to :
Village of Montpelier Income Tax
Attn: Income Tax Administrator
419-485-5543 or fax 419-485-4947
Business hours are from 8:00am-4:30pm

General information about the Village of Montpelier's tax ordinance.

Our tax filing deadline is April 15th. We have mandatory filing for all residents whether they reside in Montpelier the full year or part of the year.

Our tax rate, as of January 1, 2012, is 1.6% on gross wages. We allow full tax credit from other municipalities up to our tax rate of 1.6%.

We do not allow credit for the Indiana County tax and do not allow losses against W-2 income. We do not allow loss carry forward; however we accept copies of the federal extension for our extension. Extension must be received by April 15th in order to alleviate the late filing fee. Extensions will not be accepted at the same time the return is filed.

To avoid interest penalties being applied, payment of the estimated tax liability must be made when the copy of the extension is filed. When the return is filed by April 15th without an extension, the balance due must be paid in full by April 15th.

Interest is applied at 1% per month, 12% per annum for the tax years of 2015 and previous filing years. Payment arrangements may be set up when necessary. If tax not withheld from wages, or under 1.6% then estimated tax must be filed and paid.

Delinquent Filers and Payments
This year has been a year in which many people had collection action taken against them.

We would like nothing better than to never have to contact our attorney and take collection action. However, many taxpayers refuse to file or pay their local income taxes. Please stress to your tax clients that they need to file their taxes, even if they cannot pay that tax in full at the time of filing. Arrangements can be made to have the taxpayers make monthly payments when absolutely needed.

Billing is sent out every month to those people making payment arrangements. We do not like to garnish wages or seize bank accounts, but when letters and notices from the tax office and attorney's office are ignored, other collection methods will be used. These methods will result in court costs being added to the tax liability of the taxpayer.

"Our goal is to collect the tax in a timely manner, not further burden the taxpayer. Cooperation is the key!"

Currently our court charges the following fees that can be passed on to the taxpayer when they fail to respond.

Filing a complaint $80.00
Obtaining a judgment $20.00
Filing judgment lien $5.00
Garnishment Wage/Non-wage $70.00
Debtors Examination $40.00

(Forms are in pdf formats. You may need to download a free pdf reader .)

Download the following forms by right clicking on the link, and choosing "save as" or "save target". Remember where you saved the file!

Income Tax Return Form
Tax Return Worksheets
Instruction Sheet
Withholding Tax Reconciliation
Employers Return of Tax Withheld
Quarterly Notice
Business Registration
Schedule X


Title 9 Taxation - Chapter 181, Income Tax

Ohio Dept. of Taxation

This site was created for compliance with HB477.
The Village of Montpelier is not liable for any errors in language or information
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